Committing To My Work From Home Life

It is not an open invitation.

Create Separation — Work and Life.

I log in earlier and log off later. The pressure to prove you are actually working from home can be overbearing. With a plethora of productivity monitoring tools at their disposal, big brother employers are probably watching all employee activity. But do not let that reality prevent you from carving out much needed personal space.

Take the Initiative.

Although the constant calls and pointless interactions may be annoying at times, they are important. One of the biggest benefits of an office or work environment are the random encounters. The serendipitous moments that lead to beneficial professional outcomes occur more often than you might think. If you are out of sight, you will eventually become out of mind too.

Strengthen Connections.

While I continue to work on building and maintaining connections at work, I feel that my personal connections are stronger than ever since “sheltering in place.” My wife and I collectively have had more video calls with friends and family in the past two weeks than we have had probably since moving in together in 2016. We are all going through this unprecedented period in human life, so why not experience it together? Physical separation is no longer an issue when we can commiserate through modern technology. Can you imagine if this pandemic struck in the 1980s when the internet wasn’t even a thing?

Hit and Miss Delivery, But Support Local Restaurants.

I may be grateful for friends, but I am probably more thankful for FreshDirect. We do almost all of our grocery shopping through this delivery service, and they have not failed us yet. The delivery drivers are almost always on time despite the high demand for their services (as noted on the FreshDirect website). If you order from them, tip often and well.

This Too Shall Pass.

I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. The Coronavirus will not impact humanity this way forever. But in the meantime, we need to take care of the more vulnerable among us — whether it is the sick, those with high risk conditions, the unemployed/furloughed, or small business owners. Many have their own unique, relative struggles during this time. Only together (virtually!) will we get through it and return to some version of normal when this passes. Until then, I have committed to my work from home life, with boundaries.

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