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In pursuit of the good life.

Why the two are not mutually exclusive.

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I struggle with sleep. Working a full time job, preparing to be a dad, maintaining a house, and finding time to write means that sleep often eludes me. Over the years I have convinced myself, even when evidence suggests otherwise, that I cannot be successful if I sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. While I’m sleeping, someone is grinding faster or hustling harder. I would tell myself to suck it up. Caffeine could cure my exhaustion. Unitil it couldn’t.

I previously wrote an article on . The only problem is that I do…

Should I feel guilty?

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It will be unsurprising to some, and unjust to others, but the pandemic made me richer. While the world ground to a halt last year, my wife and I were fortunate to . We were protected in both profession and health. Our white collar jobs fell in the sweet spot of workers — an ability to work from home, not considered essential employees, but needed in order for our respective companies to operate properly. With relatively stable job security, we could hunker down with ease. Potential boredom presented the only threat to our health and happiness.

My discovery of one of the world’s best ingredients.

These bulbs have magical powers.

I have an infatuation with garlic. Yes, the abound, but for me it’s the flavor and versatility of this species. As in most cases involving the senses, memory plays an inextricable role.

My earliest encounters with garlic were limited. My family rarely — if ever — cooked with the garlic bulb itself. What I remember most is . Often paired with spaghetti or my Dad’s lasagna, the bread was baked with loads of butter and heavy doses of . It tasted delicious, but for years I had no idea of garlic in any other context…

Do you want the C-suite or a C grade for your career?

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It may sound counterintuitive, but it is a secret to success. One of the best ways to get ahead in your career is by avoiding work. Focus on important projects. Prioritize work that brings visibility and recognition. Is that conniving and calculating? Definitely. But you have to ask yourself whether you want to aspire to the or to a C grade for your career.

What To Avoid

Avoiding work is different from working hard or having a good work ethic. If you are like me and work for a large organization, people probably bombard you with requests from all directions throughout the…

Why we should fear the implications of the Wallstreetbets-fueled hysteria.

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There is comedy and a certain amount of “fight the power” when squeezing a sophisticated hedge fund’s short position. After decades of hearing about Wall Street’s woes, and with expanding inequality across America, it is hard not to like these modern day Robinhoods. But we must ask ourselves — is this the type of activity we want in capital markets? Bands of people encouraging each other to pump up stocks to a hedge fund’s short position? It is basically a modified version of a . Although these individuals may not be communicating…

Can America “deprogram” the increasingly mainstream presence of far right extremists?

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Over 70 million people voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election. Yet not all Trump and far right voters are the same. Some think he’s saving America from a , while others simply like lower taxes and are willing to sacrifice any semblance of morality and dignity to realize them. It is unfair to characterize all Trump voters as the same. They vary in degree, as they do in cultish fervor. The question remains — can America deprogram the far right extremist fringe of Trump supporters?

While I may question those willing to…

Because what didn’t happen in 2020?

From coronavirus to the election, 2020 had it all.

It was a year we all want to forget, but one we will always remember. The year 2020 was challenging to say the least. For some more than others. The loss of life, employment, and livelihood exacerbated an already explosive political environment from the lead up to the to . You might ask why anyone would want to reflect and relive some of those difficult moments and events, but I think it’s important to remember what we endured and the silver linings that make us better for it.

It All Started With Kobe.

The news of his passing rocked the world. It hit…

In the age of Trump, is a person mutually exclusive from their politics?

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I have made it known since 2016 how much I detest Donald Trump — even — but this article is not about Trump or modern day Republicanism. It is more personal. Some of the people I admire and respect most in this world — my father, grandfather, in-laws — support a man and political party with effectively blind allegiance. The difference in opinion has far surpassed the realm of dismissing the matter as “let’s agree to disagree” or “reasonable minds can differ.” To me, the (often via a )…

Whether he pays up is a separate question.

Dark Towers by David Enrich

What did an ordinary German lender have to do to realize its American investment banking dreams? Monetize the scraps. In order to compete with the biggest and most profitable firms on Wall Street starting in the 1980s, Deutsche Bank had to excel in the business that established firms didn’t want. One of those scraps was to be the future President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. After Trump burned most of the big banks following his wave of loan defaults from his Atlantic City casinos, nobody on Wall Street would touch him. Except Deutsche.

Positive thinking is not the solution.

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When people speak about neutrality today, it often relates to , the , or foreign relations. Being “neutral”, however, is also a mindset. Most people know that a negative mindset can have consequences, but few leaders and entrepreneurs appreciate the detrimental effects a positive mentality can similarly have on performance. In the midst of chaos or high-pressured situations, acting overly positive appears fake. Not only will you likely fail to convince yourself in the heat of a tense moment, you will probably appear as a fraud to those around you.

Shift into neutral instead. As

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