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Based on my recent firsthand account.

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If men had to give birth, the labor and delivery process would be much more comfortable. Perhaps women can withstand more pain or they are more willing to suffer in silence. Regardless, there must be a better way. The following explores some of the issues and potential solutions from a dad’s perspective. None of it is intended as medical advice.

“This Ain’t Vacation”

When we arrived at the hospital recently for the birth of our son, a valet greeted us and took our car. We were off to a promising start. My wife and I had tried to pack light. There were no…

There is no better time to read and reflect.

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It is time to put away the quarantine reading lists and celebrate society’s reopening with the best summer books for 2021. We have curated a list of our top 10 favorites below. Most of the titles were published in either 2020 or 2021, but there is one gem from yesteryears because it’s timeless.

Summer is one of my favorite times to read. Whether I’m on the beach, sitting in a park, or indulging at an outdoor cafe, it feels good to read under the sun. I hope our best summer books for 2021 will help you rest, reflect, and recharge.

A book by the original food writer.

Writers did not celebrate food until MFK Fisher wrote The Gastronomical Me. Women certainly were not meant to express passion for cooking or eating. The modern world of celebrity chefs, food shows, and writers realizing fame through culinary prose was not only foreign, but unfathomable in Fisher’s time. My recent article on Garlic, for example, would never have appeared in her era.

When MFK Fisher published The Gastronomical Me in the 1940s, food was largely uninteresting to the American audience. Writing on food was mostly limited to recipes. Nobody would have considered themselves a gourmand or God forbid, a “foodie.”…

A Dad’s perspective on labor & delivery, plus other lifestyle topics.

Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

Our son was born on April 29th at 6:41 PM EST. There is nothing quite comparable to the first cries you hear after a baby’s entrance to the world. Everyone cheered. Especially my wife, despite utter exhaustion from 30+ hours of labor.

The overall experience convinced me that the labor and delivery process could benefit from reform. Read the latest piece here for our story. It highlights some of the pain points from arriving at the hospital to breastfeeding our hungry little prince. Of course, this is Dad’s perspective — all the credit goes to Mom for bringing this beautiful…

A journey from the oven, through American literature, and into my favorite pot connoisseur’s brain.

We are on baby watch here. My wife could pop at any minute. So what does one prepare for someone in such a state? Lusciously tender spare ribs of course. Check out the article here where I break down the differences between spare ribs and their close cousin, baby back ribs. I dive into everything from preparation to execution. You won’t find a sauce recipe, but kudos to you if you make one from scratch. I used a cold brew coffee infused barbecue sauce that worked wonders on the top half of the rack pictured above. …

Celebrating these beautiful cuts of pork.

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I am not a pitmaster. Let’s get that out of the way first. You don’t need to be one though to make lusciously tender, fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs or spare ribs.

What you do need is time — some three plus hours in fact. Once the ribs are in the oven though, it is largely a waiting game unless you are the type to make your own sauce (kudos to you). The waiting is the best part. Don’t let Tom Petty tell you otherwise. …

Why the two are not mutually exclusive.

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I struggle with sleep. Working a full time job, preparing to be a dad, maintaining a house, and finding time to write means that sleep often eludes me. Over the years I have convinced myself, even when evidence suggests otherwise, that I cannot be successful if I sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. While I’m sleeping, someone is grinding faster or hustling harder. I would tell myself to suck it up. Caffeine could cure my exhaustion. Unitil it couldn’t.

I previously wrote an article on turning off, tuning out, and dropping in. The only problem is that I do…

Should I feel guilty?

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It will be unsurprising to some, and unjust to others, but the pandemic made me richer. While the world ground to a halt last year, my wife and I were fortunate to hunker down safely. We were protected in both profession and health. Our white collar jobs fell in the sweet spot of workers — an ability to work from home, not considered essential employees, but needed in order for our respective companies to operate properly. With relatively stable job security, we could hunker down with ease. Potential boredom presented the only threat to our health and happiness.

My discovery of one of the world’s best ingredients.

These bulbs have magical powers.

I have an infatuation with garlic. Yes, the health benefits abound, but for me it’s the flavor and versatility of this allium species. As in most cases involving the senses, memory plays an inextricable role.

My earliest encounters with garlic were limited. My family rarely — if ever — cooked with the garlic bulb itself. What I remember most is garlic bread. Often paired with spaghetti or my Dad’s lasagna, the bread was baked with loads of butter and heavy doses of garlic powder. It tasted delicious, but for years I had no idea of garlic in any other context…

Do you want the C-suite or a C grade for your career?

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It may sound counterintuitive, but it is a secret to success. One of the best ways to get ahead in your career is by avoiding work. Focus on important projects. Prioritize work that brings visibility and recognition. Is that conniving and calculating? Definitely. But you have to ask yourself whether you want to aspire to the C-suite or to a C grade for your career.

What To Avoid

Avoiding work is different from working hard or having a good work ethic. If you are like me and work for a large organization, people probably bombard you with requests from all directions throughout the…

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