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From diapers to trading desks, and dress shoes to sneakers.

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My day starts at 3AM. The soft cries wake me from dreary slumber; a sleep that has not measured more than three hours straight since those cries were first heard. There is no movement next to me. No relief coming. …

Just ask Jennifer Doudna why.


COVID-19 anti-vaxxers and skeptics alike have their (not so good) reasons for opposing or questioning vaccines. The speed at which certain vaccines were developed though should definitely not be one of them. In Walter Isaacson’s recent book, The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human…

And potentially dire consequences for Taiwan.

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China’s economic troubles are only beginning. They have put the once supercharged GDP producing behemoth — one that has directly challenged US economic supremacy — into a precarious geopolitical position. This places Taiwan directly in China’s crosshairs. …

Welcome to life as a Seattle Mariners fan.

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Twenty years. Seattle Mariners fans have not tasted real October baseball since 2001. It is the longest playoff drought in any of the four major sports in North America. The Mariners are still the only MLB team yet to even play in the World Series. Forget about winning one.


How they enriched my life.

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As your typical American, I have dabbled with black beans. I often ordered them in burritos or paired them with rice, Cuban style. A few times I have recalled seeing them on Chinese restaurant menus. When it came to Chinese cuisine though, I had no idea how these black beans…

Many think success in creative pursuits results from sparks of inspiration or the whispering of muses, when in fact it's more often the product of consistent grinding.

Cutting off friends and family, one-by-one.

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I have lost friends. I have lost family. They are not dead, but they are dead to me. Perhaps I take an extremist view towards relationships, but life is short, we get one chance at it, and I want to maximize my time. …

Why the embargo is not the problem or cause of recent protests

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Cubans want freedom. The latest rounds of protests are not solely about recent food shortages, inadequate medical supplies, or the country’s pandemic mismanagement. The protests are deep-rooted, following decades of many Cubans living on a few dollars per month with food quotas, barren grocery stores, and rolling blackouts. That is…

Why the U.S. and the international community should stand down


Haiti is a country in turmoil following the assassination of its President, Jovenal Moïse, on July 7th. As detailed in the podcast, Law & Politicking Worldwide, the events surrounding and leading to the assassination are odd at best.

Facts Point To One Conclusion: Inside Job

Of the twenty-plus mercenaries involved in the assassination, the majority were former…

Sebastian Stone

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